Linux on Actina Neo Howto
(tested on SuSE Linux 9.2 - 10.0)
Tested on Actina Neo X15, should work also on Actina Neo, because they differ only in the size of LCD Display.
Notebook technical specification:
Processor: AMD Athlon XP-M 1800+
RAM: 2 x 256 MB PC-133
(former: 128 MB PC-133)
Display: Active TTF 15" (Neo X15), Active TTF 14" (Neo), max. 1024x768 pix
Graphics: S3 Pro Savage 4 Twister-K with S-Video and external monitor output
Sound: VT8233/A/8235/8237 AC-97 + microphone input & speakers output
Network: VT6102 Rhine II 10/100 MBit Ethernet
Hard disk: Samsung 80GB 5400rpm 8MB cache UDMA-100
(former: Hitachi 20GB 4800 rpm 2MB cache UDMA-66)
Optical drive: Sony CRX830E CD-RW/DVD 24x12x24x8x
(former: 'No-Name' CD-RW/DVD 24x12x24x8x - this drive was replaced by the producer because it was damaged)
Floppy disk drive: standard build-in FDD
Additional features: 2 x USB 1.1
1 x FireWire (IEEE 1394)
Fast IrDA
AC 97 Modem
1 x PCMCIA Type II
1 x Pararrel Port
1 x Serial Port
1 x P/S 2
build-in microphone
WWW Hotkey
PowerNow! Works fine.
Graphics: Works fine.
Sound: Just one small problem with Amarok on SuSE 9.3, but it is not a matter of hardware specification. There's a bug in SuSE 9.3. It won't play mp3 files until you install Multimedia Update 1 from YOU (YaST Online Update). After patching everyting is back to normal.
Ethernet: Works fine.
Modem Not tested. Detected and installed properly. Who's using modems nowadays, anyway?
Hard disk U-DMA66 and U-DMA100 is fully supported. All systems were running using ReiserFS filesystem.
Optical Drive Works fine. Both reading and writing tested.
Floppy Works fine.
Display Works fine.
PCMCIA Works fine. Tested on USB 2.0 adapter.
USB Works fine. Tested on digital camera (Nikon CoolPix 2200), few pendrives, printer (Canon BJC-2100), mouses (Creative Notebook Optical Mouse and Microsoft Wireless Notebook Optical Mouse 4000) and MP3 Player (SanDisk Sansa e130).
FireWire Not Tested.
Pararrel Port Not Tested.
Serial Port Works fine. Tested on Aethra ISDN Modem.
S-Video Some problems occured with S-Video port. s3switch provided with SuSE Linux wasn't working at all. It claimed that no S3 card was present in the computer, although it was properly installed and working. After replacing s3switch with the one available on everyting was fine again. Not tested in 10.0 yet.
External monitor output Works fine.
APM/Battery Fans are working all the time on maximum speed. Suspend to Disc doesn't work in 9.2, but it works fine in 9.3. APM seems to be fully supported.
Printer Tested on Canon BJC-2100 USB Printer. I had to change CUPS PPD file for bjc-600, because the original gimp PPD file printed everything wrong. Also, in SuSE 9.3, there's some glitch with Adobe Reader 7, because it cannot detect printer after it is connected to a running system. So you need to restart CUPS every time you connect the printer. OpenOffice Beta 2 doesn't have any problems with detection of printer.
P/S 2 Works fine. Tested on external mouse. Detected automatically. Roller's working fine too. Also the touchpad is working correctly (it's using P/S 2 interface).
Mouse Tested on 'no-name' P/S 2 mouse (results above), Creative Optical Notebook Mouse (USB) and Microsoft Wireless Notebook Optical Mouse 4000. All devices were detected automatically and are fully supported (except extra button and 4-way roller in Microsoft's mouse), including roller support. Also there were no problems with detecting and installing toutchpad - everyting was done by the system.
WWW Hotkey Doesn't work at all. I've tried to configure it somehow but I couldn't find any solution.
Build-in Microphone Not tested.
During the installation of SuSE Linux all hardware was detected and properly installed, so there were no difficulties trying to run certain device after the installation. I choose ReiserFS as a filesystem because it is very fast. System works very good and stable. It was running a bit slow (9.2) when I had only 128 MB ram and a slow hard disk, but nevertheless it was faster then Windows XP.
Additional informations:
Contact: Lukasz Rajchel
GG: 1963460
Created on: 03-Aug-2005
Last modified: 11-Jan-2007
Version 1.0.10

The above photo comes from official Actina website -, where you can also find additional information about technical specification of this notebook.